How to Extend the Life of MacBook Battery – Some Thoughts and Tips

You may be wondering how to extend the life of MacBook battery. When you first get your laptop out of the box, you first step in getting the most life out of the battery is to give it a full charge the first time. This will give the battery a solid base on which to start life. If you ever have to replace your battery, make sure you also charge the new battery fully the first time as well. If you fail to do this, it can cause charge issues in the future with that battery not holding a charge.

Macbook Battery

MacBook batteries are lithium-ion. They do not have the same memory effect as the older nickel cadmium batteries. There are reports that you must fully drain the charge on nickel-cadmium batteries before recharging them or you run the risk of reducing their charge life. There is no such issue with lithium-ion batteries. You can partially charge the MacBook battery and not affect its charge life. In fact, in knowing how to extend the life of MacBook battery, it is very important not to complete drain the lithium-ion batteries as this can damage their capacity. When possible, if your charge gets below 20%, plug your MacBook in and get the charge back up.

According to Apple, it is best to give the battery a regular workout. Do not keep your laptop plugged in all the time. Take it off the plug periodically and let the battery do its work. When the battery sits too long, unused, it can gradually lose its longevity. A factor in how to extend the life of MacBook battery is giving the battery regular exercise. If you do not use your MacBook daily, take it out and work on it every couple of weeks. This will keep energy working through the battery. If you do not plan to use it for a long period, you can store the battery with a partial charge. Some recommend keeping the battery separate during this time.

Apple can actually give you help on how to extend the life of MacBook battery. They offer periodic updates that work to reduce the energy requirements of the operating system. This will help reduce the energy needs from the battery. That helps improve the life of the battery. You need to use your head when it comes to battery life. Do not underuse the battery or overuse the charger for a long life. electronic data rooms . Some inquiry such as "write my custom essay" would be completed by our Phd authors. .

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